Papusse represents the excellence of Made in Italy, with a unique Collection of luxurious velvet slippers, hand-crafted to perfection.

Our iconic Collection combines the tradition of the authentic Friulane shoes with a sophisticated sense of style.

friulane shoes

Each of our products is entirely hand-made by skilled artisans in the North of Italy, where the traditional craftsmanship of the Friulane shoes is rooted in history. This particular slip-on style is made with velvet for a comfortable feel and a luxurious yet casual look. The Collection of Friulane shoes is available in a palette of vibrant hues along with iconic mute colors, for a timeless elegance with a contemporary vibe. A pair of Papusse is a timeless must-have for a chic, sophisticated, glam look.

The Junior Collection offers the opportunity to create the perfect mother-daughter matching set, and more fun options for the entire family along with several Mini Me options.


Within the post-trend generation there is a desire to explore and an inner sense of possibility which previous generations lacked completely. The world is no longer perceived as so immense, nowhere is too far away, nor is any dream too big to be pursued. We have a raising consciousness and trust that the only way to live life to its full is to keep going, to let the universe in, to get to know everything in person not just through media or books or tales. It is not just a sense of dream but purpose; an eagerness that does not fade when faced with challenges.

As a digital brand Papusse intends to create something new that reflects this spirit, something authentic which brings the legacy of Italian craftsmanship abroad. Through our eMag and social media, we hope to convey such emotion, and the feeling  of long time values. We believe that reality is shaped by vivid imagination. The company was established with the purpose to promote a hidden treasure of Made in Italy, the friulane shoes, but also to represent the devotion to an understated elegance, a passion for  items that are uplifting, items that bring along a sense of wellbeing. This is ultimately what we intend for “luxury”: a conscious choice and the feelings it brings along.

Social responsibility

Our slippers are as chic and glam as they are conscious. The Friulane shoes are traditionally crafted in Italy with eco-friendly materials through a hand-sewing process which makes no use of glue or other chemicals. At a time when fast fashion is just one click away and our earth is struggling with waste, responsible shopping is not just possible but cool. Shopping without hurting the environment is the ultimate luxury.

giving back

We do believe that dreams inspire action and shape the future, but we are conscious that much of the world is affected by problems which deny their people any sense of possibility. To this extent, we do believe that consciousness makes a difference beyond ethics and everyone should be aware that they can individually make a difference, and therefore feel inspired to take action.

Dreaming about a day when changing the world will no longer be necessary is key to pursuing a more balanced exsistence, without struggling between the ease of a wealthy life and the harmony of the whole. The ultimate luxury is to be true to what makes us feel good and to always embrace diversity. Health, Style, Taste, Art and the Beauty of Nature belong to humanity and lead to an inner sense of peace,  which we can spread.

Papusse sponsors exclusive events to raise funds to support our partners, who work in aid of kids all over the world. Stay tuned to know more!