Papusse represents the excellence of Made in Italy, with a unique Collection of luxurious velvet slippers, hand-crafted to perfection.

Our iconic Collection combines the tradition of the authentic Friulane shoes with a sophisticated sense of style.

friulane shoes

Each of our products is entirely hand-made by skilled artisans in the North of Italy, where the traditional craftsmanship of the Friulane shoes is rooted in history. This particular slip-on style is made with velvet for a comfortable feel and a luxurious yet casual look. The Collection of Friulane shoes is available in a palette of vibrant hues along with iconic mute colors, for a timeless elegance with a contemporary vibe. A pair of Papusse is a timeless must-have for a chic, sophisticated, glam look.

The Junior Collection offers the opportunity to create the perfect mother-daughter matching set, and more fun options for the entire family along with several Mini Me options.


The digital transformation brought a desire to explore and a new sense of possibility: the world is no longer perceived as immense, nor is any dream too big to be pursued. We have a raising consciousness and trust that the only way to live life to its full is to keep going, to let the universe in. It is not just a sense of dream but purpose.

Papusse reflects this spirit, representing the legacy of Italian craftsmanship in the world. Besides the stores, our eMag and social media are also a space to convey such emotion, and the feeling  of long time values. Papusse encompasses a devotion to understated elegance, a passion for  items that are uplifting and bring along a sense of wellbeing. This is ultimately what we intend for “luxury”: a conscious choice and the feelings it brings along.

Social responsibility

Papusse for good: our commitment

Papusse represents the finest Italian shoe making and encompasses a passion for beauty, operating according to responsible business practices. Conscious shopping is not just possible but cool: shopping without hurting people or the environment is how we can collectively determine our preferences and, eventually, the future.


Papusse encompasses an old craftsmanship tradition, the so called friulane shoes: our slippers are made in Italy with techniques which a few local artisans own from generations. Luxury is the value of a product, but it is also the value of time when we enjoy the product itself: luxury is ultimately a human value, authentic and meaningful.

We do believe that dreams inspire action and shape the future. We trust that a key to pursuing a well balanced life lies in grace, awareness and responsibility. Therefore we adopted some pillars of honest business conduct, and aim at respecting people and the planet while operating the company.

In addition, Papusse sponsors exclusive events to raise funds to support our partners, who work in aid of kids all over the world.

giving back


Conscious shopping is not just a chance, but the choice of authentic luxury: a preference that we spend for a better future.

We do use recycled packaging and re-use whenever possible, to limit waste.

Made in Italy is the soul of our products, crafted with materials all sourced from Italy and carefully designed to be durable. For the slippers range made of nappa, the skins are exclusively sourced from food production waste, which is elevated and recycled. No animals are killed to produce our shoes; the leathers are sourced and treated in Italy.