Mini Me Set

mini me

Take the opportunity to create a perfect mother-daughter matching set and more fun options for the entire family. Mix and match your favourite styles as pictured below!

mother-daughter essentials

€ 150


Bright Green


Navy Blue




Sandy Fawn



Wish you could have the shoes in another color? To order custom-made Papusse, or a matching set in specific sizes or colors, please send us an email at

toys for boys

€ 150

family portrait

€ 300

a gift of love

A pair of Papusse is meant as a gift of love: kids are excited to match mum and dad and they feel very comfortable! Our shoes are firm yet extremely flexible, with the uppers made of natural cotton fabric. In the sewing process the rubber sole is pierced, ensuring optimal transpiration. Kids’ styles are flat to the ground with no heel nor internal construction, to accommodate the foot in a natural position.