made in Italy

Made in Italy is a legacy.

The art of craftsmanship is essential to our footwear Collection, made by a very few artisans following a century old fine tradition. Each individual shoe is not just Made in Italy but worked by hand, according to a unique process: the quintessential uppers design is cut from velvet, bonded to cotton twill and piped with tonal ribbon. It is then sewn to the insole and the ultra-light rubber sole is applied by hand with the signature «strega» stitching. Our shoes feature a special internal heel construction for optimal comfort

Watch the video below to visit our artisans at work!

According to the finest Made in Italy tradition, Tuscany is renowned for leather shoemaking, whilst the «Furlane shoes» are a traditional product of Northern Italy. They have a long history and traditionally these iconic shoes were also called «Papusse», which inspired the name of our brand.

In the XVIII century, they were a staple of the aristocrats’ wardrobe, since they loved to walk around their properties in comfort and silence, their rubber soles sliding silently on the floor. Indeed, the iconic construction of the Furlane shoes makes them feel as slippers while looking as shoes.

Made in Italy means history. Most of our artisans have been making these iconic shoes for over 70 years and carefully preserve the traditional techniques, which their fathers handed down through generations. Traditionally, hemp was used to make the shoes: the yarn was washed in water with resin and ashes, then sundried to bleach. Coloration was obtained from a natural dyeing process: the color beige came from boiling walnuts, green from juniper, blue from the ash tree, burgundy from onion and purple from blueberry. Back then, women played a key role, since they used to hand-craft these shoes for the whole family, including kids. Velvet was meant for special occasions, while canvas was used for those shoes to be worn every day.

The Furlane shoes cut from black velvet were considered a luxury item, and the young girls, as a sign of love, used to hand-craft a pair to be given as a gift to their fiancè.

Later on, the fame of the Furlane shoes spread and they became an icon of Italian style, symbol of charme and understated luxury.

As a must-have this season, they are particularly suited for the perfect Milanese look, which plays flat shoes off denim, or even a cocktail dress, for a sophisticated, effortlessly chic look. With Papusse Milano, Made in Italy is a statement of charme