eMag Milano

Secret Milan

an insider's journey

Just a few years ago, according to the international press, Milano was not greeting “outsiders with a big mama hug” looking more like “a grey financial hub”. Yet they predicted “Milan’s famously well-heeled residents are keen to change the dour image of the city” and… BOOM: they actually played magic. The city’s hidden soul is now under the spotlight and clearly there’s a lot more than business or fashion or a clichè busy attitude. Italian beauty and renowned taste find great expressions in town and the news headlines abroad lately sound like “Milan is finally having a moment”.

Milano never stops: new forward-looking construction projects keep changing the urban landscape, while the historic buildings are refurbished. The city’s hidden soul is now under the spotlight and it is the charming setting for Papusse to showcase the excellence of Made in Italy, with a renowned taste for an understated, effortless elegance. Join us on our journey to experience the most exclusive Italian lifestyle

Piazza Duomo:

overwhelming beauty


La Vigna di Leonardo:

a stunning secret garden


Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi:

welcome to the future


Casa degli Atellani:

this is Milan, indeed


La Triennale:

green like Milan


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele:

looking up


Gallerie d’Italia:

grey and other wonders


City Life:

one more walk in the future


Bagni Misteriosi:

day dreaming


Caleidoscopio Liberty:

a treasure around the corner