eMag Styling

scarpe friulane


the Milanese look

Did you ever dream about a pair of shoes which feel as soft as slippers? Here they are: as you wear your Papusse you walk in comfort and style. Milanese style, actually. A natural taste to match highs and lows: matte and shine, leather and silk, denim and cashmere, solid and pattern, to be worn back to signature flat shoes which make the look a statement of elegance. You will spot the perfect Milanese style when you see a white cotton shirt paired with a gorgeous printed or beaded skirt for evening, and the lady is wearing flat shoes. In the morning, you may see her walking down Via Montenapoleone in her skinny jeans, with an oversized cashmere sweater and a silk carrè for a touch of color. Clearly, she is wearing tonal flat shoes and most likely they are signature velvet Papusse