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Ja Rayuwa

€ 95

Rosso Multi

Made in Italy

Details: printed cotton insole, tonal velvet piping, white cotton lining

Composition: upper 97% cotton, 3% polyester; insole and lining 100% cotton; rubber sole


Exclusively available at YOOX, an unusual take on our iconic slippers with authentic African wax prints, worked back to velvet for the luxurious details and finishings. Patterns have intentionally not been placed, in order to make each individual pair one of a kind. The wax fabrics are the finest quality sourced from Ghana and they are printed with traditional techniques: the design is marked onto the cloth using a wooden stamp with wax resin before dye is applied.

The motifs have a unique symbolic meaning, related to colors and patterns: the Rayuwa print, fun and vibrant, represents the circular nature of Life: green is symbol of renewal and growth, as seen in plants; blue refers to a pure spirit and harmony; red (“ja” in a local laguage from Ghana) is believed to hold protective power and stands for passion.

Part of the proceeds will be used to protect and assist children in emergencies in Ghana, West Africa.