Papusse OAfrica

a collection for good

Papusse launched an exclusive collection to benefit OAfrica, available to shop online on YOOX’s destination for responsible fashion, Yooxygen. Part of the proceeds will benefit OAfrica to protect and assist children in need in Ghana, West Africa.

Papusse OAfrica

The iconic Papusse slippers come with contrast piping for this exclusive capsule collection and they are worked back to authentic traditional African wax prints. Patterns are worked to make each individual pair unique and one of a kind. The finest fabrics have been sourced from Ghana and produced with traditional techniques: the motif is printed onto the cloth using a wooden stamp with wax resin before dye is applied. Each pattern has a unique symbolic meaning, related to colors and shapes. The pattern selected for the capsule collection represents abundance and its large scale blue motifs against a deep red background are reminiscent of wild sea creatures.

the Odeshe print motifs

The Odeshe print represents abundance and its large scale blue motifs against a deep red background are reminiscent of wild sea creatures.

Papusse hosted a charity cocktail to celebrate the launch of the capsule collection at Marcel Boum, a newly opened African restuaurant owned by Gaia Trussardi and Cesare Battisti,  aimed at promoting inclusivity thanks to its collaboration with the Red Cross to create employment.

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Part of the proceeds will benefit OAfrica, a non-profit organization developing programs and projects to help vulnerable children and their families in Ghana, West Africa.

OAfrica was born in 2002 thanks to Lisa Lovatt Smith – then Fashion Director of Spanish Vogue magazine  and design-photography established author – who during a volunteer trip to Ghana, was shocked by the terrible conditions of children living  in orphanages. The experience affected Lisa so much that she quit her job, moved to Ghana in order to take action and founded OAfrica «so that no child has to ever grow up in unsuitable conditions, without hope and a future». For over twenty years OAfrica has been running projects in Ghana to help children in need due to abandonment, neglect, trafficking, in order to give them the opportunity to grow up with the love of a family,  go to school and develop their full potential for a better future.

Launched in 2009 on Earth Day, YOOXYGEN is YOOX’s  destination for responsible fashion. Thanks to collaborations with international organizations, including Green Cross International, and projects developed with designers and influencers such as Vivienne Westwood, Livia Firth and Amber Valletta, YOOXYGEN stands for responsible fashion worldwide.

Papusse OAfrica