Papusse #BeTheChange


change starts within you

#BeTheChange is a call to all women to embrace change. Papusse celebrates the energy of a new season unfolding with a film, which is a tribute to the ever changing beauty of Milan, reflecting its vibrant spirit and quintessential elegance. For the #BeTheChange campaing our customers and collaborators turn into ambassadors to convey a message of unity and belonging, along with the importance of passion and dedication


Carlotta Minuto,

Founder and CEO Papusse


We are the change we seek. Women are brave, graceful and strong. If we want to change for our daughters, we have to believe we can take risks. The first step towards change is to believe our dreams are important, to trust our ability, to explore our talent. Change starts from within.

Change is a constant process that pertains to our own selves, it is impossible to avoid change. The challenge is to choose what to change and how to. We can make a difference if we determine how to handle this crucial choice, every day.

Valentina De Santis,

CEO Grand Hotel Tremezzo


Kelly Russell, Head of Sustainability &

Communication COIMA SGR

Managing Director Fondazione

Riccardo Catella


I strongly believe that the real change in humanity lies in constant, daily gestures and choices each of us can make within our own realm. Volonteer time, which for all of us is precious, to a local association that helps support the community. Make a conscious effort not to pollute or excessively consume our limited natural resources. Smile. Be kind. Respect all lives equally. Do it as a concrete example for your mother, daughters, nieces but also for your father, sons and nephews because only thru a common, multigenerational, gender and cultural effort we can all be the change.

Change is personal growth and progress. Internal change brings us closer to the woman we are working to become while external change, usually circumstances outside of our control, test us and shape us along our journeys. Change means that situations not meant for us end. And change leads us to new opportunities. Most of all, change is inevitable so the key is to always embrace it secure in the knowledge that it is helping you become the best version of yourself- for yourself, your loved ones, and the world. 

Emily Claire Clarke,

Founder Busy Bee Well


Roberta Agovino, Fotografa

Change does not always mean improvement, but definitely we have to adjust in order to improve. Never settle with what we have, but seek challenges and learning. We often complain about life, whether at work or with our loved ones, but we can’t assume things can change if we don’t seek change. Change leads the way towards the best version of ourselves.

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